Hit or Miss?

IMG_0713.JPGHello lovelies!

Todays post will be a review of the No7 stay perfect foundation!! Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment below!

About the foundation: 

I recently purchased this foundation from Boots at £15.00 for 30ml. I got the shade cool vanilla which I must say is the perfect (!!) match for my skin tone! The foundation is hypo-allergenic and has an SPF of 15 (which is always good) and claims to stay on for 24 hours!


Colour: 5/5

As I’ve already mentioned the shade is a perfect match for my skin tone! Which is rare as there are so many different skin tones and so few foundation shades in comparison!

Coverage: 4/5

This foundation has a medium to full coverage which I appreciate! I love the fact you can wear it light for a casual, day-to-day look or build it up for a more dramatic evening look! The bottle says the foundation is ‘light weight and breathable’ which I totally agree with! I barely feel like I have anything on my face when I wear it!

Wear: 4/5 

This foundation is quite dewy, which I love when going for an every day glowy look! It also turns very matte when set with a powder! However sometimes it does make my skin feel oily after wearing it for a while!


For £15.00 I think this foundation is an amazing price! It’s a great foundation and honestly not that different to brands such as Urban Decay which carry a heavier price tag! Boots also always have deals, such as 3 for 2, on No7 products which makes buying it even more worthwhile!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Feel free to comment your thoughts! ❤️


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