Hit or Miss?

IMG_0713.JPGHello lovelies!

Todays post will be a review of the No7 stay perfect foundation!! Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment below!

About the foundation: 

I recently purchased this foundation from Boots at £15.00 for 30ml. I got the shade cool vanilla which I must say is the perfect (!!) match for my skin tone! The foundation is hypo-allergenic and has an SPF of 15 (which is always good) and claims to stay on for 24 hours!


Colour: 5/5

As I’ve already mentioned the shade is a perfect match for my skin tone! Which is rare as there are so many different skin tones and so few foundation shades in comparison!

Coverage: 4/5

This foundation has a medium to full coverage which I appreciate! I love the fact you can wear it light for a casual, day-to-day look or build it up for a more dramatic evening look! The bottle says the foundation is ‘light weight and breathable’ which I totally agree with! I barely feel like I have anything on my face when I wear it!

Wear: 4/5 

This foundation is quite dewy, which I love when going for an every day glowy look! It also turns very matte when set with a powder! However sometimes it does make my skin feel oily after wearing it for a while!


For £15.00 I think this foundation is an amazing price! It’s a great foundation and honestly not that different to brands such as Urban Decay which carry a heavier price tag! Boots also always have deals, such as 3 for 2, on No7 products which makes buying it even more worthwhile!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Feel free to comment your thoughts! ❤️



IMG_0709Hello and welcome to my first ever blog post! I’m so excited to have finally taken the plunge and started my own blog!

I have loved all things beauty since I was a young teenager and have always aspired to persue a career in the beauty  Industry. So I have decided, whilst I am working towards that goal, that I will start a beauty blog.

The main focus of my blog will be to discuss and review a variety of , both high end and drugstore, products. However if you have any other suggestions of things you’d like to see feel free to comment below!

So there you are, the dreaded ‘first post’. Thanks for reading!


p.s – I promise it will get more exciting 😂